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Fuelwood Permit - $30.00 USD
Expires 364 days after purchase

The Marinette County fuelwood permit allows you to cut downed and standing dead wood (subject to conditions listed) on Marinette County forest lands. Due to OSHA regulations you cannot cut fuelwood on active logging jobs. Since fuelwood cutting maps are not provided you will have to be sure you are on County Forest land. This can be determined with a plat book (available for purchase) or a county map which is available for free from our office or from most businesses located in Marinette County. Please note that fuelwood cutting is allowed on County Forest land only and is not allowed on County owned lands that are not part of the county forest. The most important thing for you is to read the conditions on your permit. There is a hefty fine of over $500 for violations. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.

Fuelwood cutting is allowed on Marinette County forest lands only, subject to the following conditions:
1. The fuelwood is for personal use only and is not to be given away, exchanged, or sold.

2. No live trees may be cut. No more than 10 standard cords of wood (4'w x 4'h x 8'd) per household per year may be cut.

3. No wood may be hauled in lengths greater than four (4) feet.

4. Permittee must be present and have the permit in possession when cutting and hauling occurs.

5. Permittee is responsible to make sure they are on Marinette County owned land when cutting fuelwood.

6. Downed trees and standing dead trees may be cut year round. However, standing dead trees cut between October 1 and the following May 15 must have the bark coming off. Exception: No cutting of standing oak from April 1 through July 15.

7. On the Marinette County Forest, there are dead trees which have been protected from cutting so that they can serve as snag and den trees for wildlife. For that reason do not cut the following: Trees marked with paint or tags. Standing or downed trees with wildlife nests, cavities, or dens. Standing or downed trees within 200 feet of beaver ponds, lakes, streams, or rivers.

8. Timber sale areas are closed to fuelwood cutting. If you see logging equipment, trees cut into 8-foot or longer lengths, stacked wood, or paint on standing trees, no fuelwood cutting is allowed.

9. Fuelwood cutting is not allowed within Parks and developed recreation areas, the Beech Natural Area, the Harmony Farm, within wildlife openings, or other areas which may be designated by Marinette County.

10. Use of farm tractors, rubber tired or track mounted skidders, etc. is not allowed. Off road use of vehicles for the gathering of fuelwood is not allowed.

11. Any authorized agent of Marinette County may immediately revoke a permit for any reason by giving written or oral notice to the permittee; or issue a citation for noncompliance of the permit conditions, or unnecesarily damaging the land or residual trees. Citations carry a fine of up to $500 plus costs.

12. Anyone cutting fuelwood holds harmless Marinette county from any claims, damages, or liability resulting from any action or inaction of the fuelwood cutting.

This permit is issued and accepted subject to the conditions listed above.

Timber Sale Completed Treatment Map
For general information about Marinette County, click here to visit our county website!
For general information about Marinette County, click here to visit our county website!