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    Wisconsin Recycling Responsible Unit Contacts for Marinette County

Redistricting Information
  • Redistricting in Wisconsin - 2020 The LRB Guidebook - Download
    Wisconsin and Marinette County is poised to again take up the critical process of redistricting.  The purpose of this publication is to explain the law, principles, and process of redistricting in anticipation of the electoral map drawing that will occur in 2021.

  • WCA County Decennial Redistricting Handbook 2021 Cycle - Download
    This handbook is intended to be a general guide to understanding the county redistricting process and the statutes and legal principles that govern it. Before starting the redistricting process, county officials should review applicable state laws. The handbook is not intended as, and shall not constitute, legal advice. The Wisconsin Counties Association suggests that you seek guidance from the county corporation counsel regarding any legal questions you may have.

  • EMS Request for WI-CAMS ID - Download
    fillable form for EMS agency use only

  • FD Request for WI-CAMS ID - Download
    fillable form for Fire Dept use only

  • Instructions for WICAMS ID Request - Download
    Information and instructions for completing ID card request form

  • LE Request for WI-CAMS ID - Download
    fillable form for Law Enforcement agency use only

RFP Information
Septic System Information
  • Homeowners Guide to Septic Systems - Download

  • Is the Grass Greener over your Septic System? - Download

  • Septic System Record - Download

Soil Tester/Plumber List
  • List of Certified Soil Tester/Master Plumber - Download

Supervisory Districts
  • Certified Survey Map Application/Checklist - Download

  • Wisconsin Registered Land Surveyors - Download

  • Communication Plan for Family - Download
    Fillable pdf form for adult; includes page for family member information and medical contacts

  • Communication Plan for Kids - Download
    Fillable pdf form. List of contacts and phone numbers for kids use as well as meeting place location

  • Critical Incident Response Guide for Schools/Businesses (Word) - Download

  • Home Inventory Spreadsheet - Download
    Prefilled with categories that you can edit. Requires a program that can open Excel spreadsheet.

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