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Electronic Monitoring
1. How much does it cost to be on EM (electronic monitoring)?

$210.00 per week.

2. While on electronic monitoring, do I still need to report to jail?

No. With electronic monitoring you are allowed to stay home and go to work.

3. Can I make any stops for gas, get groceries, stop at the bank or the jail?

Yes. You are allowed one (1) stop per week for these things but you must notify the jail prior to making any such stops.

4. How do I pay for electronic monitoring? 

You can stop at the jail and use the kiosk inside our front doors - OR - Mail in a check, money order, or cashier's check.

5. How do I know the electronic monitor is working?

You will see a flashing light on the device.

6. How often do I have to charge the monitor?

It is recommended to charge it for about 2 hours every night before going to bed.

7. How long does the charge last? 

If you charge it every night you will not have to worry about it losing its charge.

8. Is the monitor waterproof?

Yes. You can shower with it but it is not recommended to go swimming while its being worn. 

HUBER - Work Release
1. Can I work more than 1 job while on HUBER?

No. Only 1 job is permitted. 

2. How much does it cost to be on HUBER?

$210.00 per week

3. I am self-employed, can I still go to my business? 

You must have been self-employed for at least one (1) year and have filed income taxes as such. 

4. How many people can drive me to and from work?

You are allowed two (2) drivers.

5. Can I have a taxi take me to and from work?

Yes, but only you and the driver can be in the vehicle. 

6. Can I ride a bicycle to and from work?


7. Can I stop at my bank or credit union to cash my check or get money to pay for HUBER? 

Yes. You are allowed one (1) stop per week for these such stops.