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Wildland Fire Mitigation

Maintenance of property in or near wildland fire prone area can go a long way toward preventing or reducing the spread of fire. Maintenance includes fuel management techniques such as pruning and clearing dead vegetation, selective logging, keeping grass short, planting fire-resistant vegetation and creating fuel/fire breaks, i.e., areas where the spread of wildfires will be slowed or stopped by the removal of fuels. Move shrubs and other landscaping away from the sides of your home or deck. All too often, homes burn when plantings around them catch fire.

Of course, the easiest way to mitigate wildland fires is to use caution when conducting open burning. Follow all safety guidelines and rules for burning. Check the WI DNR website for more information.

Install tile or flame-retardant shingles on your roof, instead of wood shakes or standard shingles. This will reduce the chance that airborne burning debris will end up destroying your home.

Clean dead or dry leaves and needles, twigs and combustibles from roofs, decks, eaves, porches and yards. Keep woodpiles away from structures.

Inspect chimneys at least twice a year and clean them at least once a year. Safe fireplace/chimney use and maintenance includes spark arrestors and proper disposal of coals/ashes.