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For COVID-19 health information please go to the Public Health Link.

There is an immense amount of information coming from Federal and State agencies at this time that affects everyone in the State.  We have tried to consolidate resource information here as a starting point.  Keep in mind that information is changing constantly as we experience more economic effects and lawmakers initiate legislation and enact programs to provide assistance.  Some existing programs have been adapted and others have not existed prior to this emergency.

The USDA has issued a COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide which lists programs that provide technical assistance, financial assistance, and other resources for individuals, businesses, schools, farms, medical care facilities, non-profit organizations, etc.

Municipalities, school districts, and businesses can find information on our Preparedness pages for developing emergency and Continuity of Operations plans.

Wisconsin has been included in the Federal Disaster (DR-4520) which enables local governments, school districts, and private non-profits to apply for FEMA Public Assistance (PA) to recover costs associated with their COVID-19 response.  Download the zip file of PA application documents.  Each entity must make it's own request for public assistance (RPA) through the FEMA Grants Portal.  You are first required to have DUNS and CAGE codes (registered in SAM [System for Award Management]).  Follow the Grants Portal Account and RPA guidance.  Please email this office after you have made application.

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