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Annual Report
  • 2013 Sheriff's Office Annual Report - Download

  • 2014 Sheriff's Office Annual Report - Download

  • 2015 Sheriff's Office Annual Report - Download

  • 2016 Sheriff's Office Annual Report - Download

  • 2017 Sheriff's Office Annual Report - Download

  • Land Information 2008 Annual Report - Download
    Land Information Annual Report shown at the April 15th County Board Meeting.

    Please give a moment for the powerpoint to download. The slides will advance automatically.

  • Sheriff's Opening Letter 2014 Annual Report - Download

  • Sheriff's Opening Letter 2015 Annual Report - Download

  • Sheriff's Opening Letter 2016 Annual Report - Download

  • Sheriff's Opening Letter 2017 Annual Report - Download

  • ATV/UTV Route Maps by Town - Download
    Attached are town maps illustrating approved routes on County Highways.  

  • Marinette County Code of Ordinance Chapter 7 - Download

Beecher & Upper Lake
  • Annual Meeting Minutes - September 2006 - Download

  • Annual Meeting Minutes - September 2007 - Download

  • Beach-chair News - September 2005 - Download

  • Beach-chair News - September 2006 - Download

  • Beach-chair News - September 2007 - Download

Birth Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Application PDF - Download

  • 2017 - 2018 Meeting Schedule - Download

  • Morgan Park Campground Map & Dimensions - Download

Camp Bird
  • Annual Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Bldg Administrators - Download
    Designed for schools but can be adapted to businesses

  • Business Emergency Preparedness Plan - Download

  • Emergency Supply Kit Checklist - Download
    Basic items as well as additional suggestions

  • Family Emergency Preparedness Plan - Download
    Step-by-step list for creating your family disaster plan

  • Family Kit & Pet Plan/Kit Checklist - Download
    Basic kit, car kit, pet plan & supplies

  • Farm Emergency Preparedness Plan - Download

  • Livestock Emergency Preparedness - Download

County Board / Committee Reference Documents
County Forest Camping
  • 2018 Annual Camping Sticker Vendors - Download
    List of businesses that sell Forest Camping Stickers at a cost of $20.00.

Death Certificate
  • Death Certificate Application PDF - Download

  • Land & Water Resource Management Plan 2011-2020 - Download

  • Marinette County Invasive Species Strategic Plan - Download
    Marinette County is renowned for abundant natural resources. Clean rivers and lakes, good fishing, State and County Parks, a huge county forest, famous waterfalls, miles of trails, and many other attractions lure hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from across the Midwest each year. Unfortunately, each visitor has the potential to introduce or spread invasive species. The Menominee River runs along the entire northeast border of the county. The Peshtigo River and its six flowages bisect the county. Any introduced invader has the potential to spread downstream quickly. These rivers drain into Green Bay, home to dozens of invasive species.

    Although Marinette County is allocating significant resources to battling invasive resources, it is not enough. To protect the lakes, streams, fish, wildlife, and natural scenic beauty we value we will have to work together. This plan lays out how we can increase awareness of invasive species to prevent their introduction. It describes new tools and techniques to eradicate pioneer infestations before they spread. Finally, it identifies the tools for minimizing the impacts of existing populations of invasive species.

Domestic Partnership
  • Domestic Partnership Cert Application Word Format - Download

  • Domestic Partnership Termination Application Word - Download