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There are currently 14 telecommunicators or dispatchers employed at the Marinette County Dispatch/911 Center. These 14 dispatchers are responsible for monitoring radio traffic on 17 radio frequencies, which includes 18 fire departments, 12 rescue squads, and 8 law enforcement agencies. Marinette Dispatch is also a backup facility for Oconto Dispatch and has the capabilities to page and communicate with all responders for Oconto County. Marinette Dispatch is also a National Weather Service Alert (NAWAS) relay point for Oconto and Florence Counties. When the dispatchers are at work monitoring the frequencies they are also multi-tasking by answering E911 lines, cell 911 phones, and administrative telephone calls. The dispatchers are also responsible for record entry into the state and national computer system for warrants, injunctions, stolen articles, vehicles, missing persons and the list goes on. There may be times when the dispatcher may not be readily available to assist you, please be patient, your call will be answered and a solution will try to be reached. The dispatcher must determine the level of priority for a call, a high priority would be violent crimes, crimes in progress, house fires, or any call that would put life or property in immediate danger. Low priority would be barking dogs or calls where there is no threat to life or property.
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